Rescue, Adoption, Community Education
Jelly's Place is a community nonprofit organization providing rescue, veterinary care, and placement for dogs and cats who are homeless, abandoned, impounded, sick, or injured in West Contra Costa County, especially in the cities of  Richmond and San Pablo, Ca.  Donations to Jelly's Place are tax-deductible. 
Tax ID 81-4784373

Our shelter at 2905 San Pablo Dam Rd, San Pablo,  is open Tuesday to Saturday 11-5

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Please Join Us 
At Benoit Casper Brewing Co.
1201 Pennsylvania Ave
Richmond CA 

Sunday May 6th 1-5
Live music, good beer, tacos, raffle prizes, and
 adoptable dogs. Kids are welcome!
Free admission 

 Shelter Hours

Sunday - CLOSED
Monday- CLOSED
Tuesday- 11am-5pm
Wednesday- 11am-5pm
Thursday- 11am-5pm
Friday- 11am-5pm
Saturday- 11am-5pm

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    Dog and Cat Adoption
    Adoption fees include vaccinations and spay/ neuter. Please see our Adoptable Animals section to fall in love with your new pet.
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    Rescue Stories
    See our rescue stories about abandoned, abused, lost, or found dogs and cats.Every cat and dog has a special story to tell.
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    Community Education
    Jelly's Place provides education to the community on vaccinations, socialization of a new pet, problem behaviors, and other needs to promote responsible pet ownership and to help low-income families keep their beloved pets.
Adoptable Cats and Dogs

Adoption fees include vaccinations and spay/ neuter costs.

Cats  over 1 year old: $125
Kittens: $150
Senior cats 7 years and older: $75
Dogs and puppies: $250-800 depending on breed
Senior Dogs: $150-$400 depending on breed

  1. r adoption
  2.  kitten for adoption
  3. Ringo black and white cat for adoption
  4. baby kitten for adoption

Every dog and cat has a story. 

Jelly's Place founder has provided rescue and fostering to hundreds to dogs and cats in the Contra Costa and Alameda counties, and are also helping bring light to the plight of animals in the meat trade in China. Each one has a special story to tell. Not every story has a happy ending, but we try to help where we can to ease suffering.
Momma chihuahua rescue story
Fluffy blind kitten rescue story
Ringo black and white cat rescue story
Momma and her pups


Fluffy was a homeless kitten with a terrible kitty cold that infected her eyes and caused her to lose her sight. 
This shy mom was homeless and had her puppies under a bush. She protected them from harm and all were rescued.
Delilah had a severe leg injury with exposed bone and was brought to us by a frantic homeless man who found her. 
Momma was rescued from a hoarding situation and she was almost ready to have her pups. She was afraid of people but learned to trust.​
Jelly's Place depends on grants, donations, and volunteers like you.

Volunteering at Jelly's Place
Donations needed and how to donate

We need help taking care of the animals 7 days a week. Jelly's Place needs volunteers to foster young or si​ck animals in their homes, and to socialize animals at its shelter.  Feeding, cleaning, yard work, office help, printing services, construction, and grant writing is appreciated too!​
Volunteer orientation is on Saturdays at 10am.

You can make a big difference by donating! Jelly's Place needs blankets, old newspapers, dog and cat food, kitten and puppy formula, c​at litter, pet beds, toys, and of course cash to pay for food, litter, and vet care. ​​ 
Make a donation on PayPal today or subscribe below to become a monthly donor. Donations to Jelly's Place are tax-deductible.

Send donations to 2905 San Pablo Dam Rd, San Pablo CA 94803.

Make a one-time donation to support our animals or take the pledge to help animals every month!

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We care about animals
Jelly's Place was founded in 2017. Julie Bainbridge has been rescuing and fostering animals for more than a decade. Jelly's Place is named in memory of her beloved English bulldog who crossed over the rainbow bridge in 2016.