Adoption Fees​

Fees include vaccinations and spay/ neuter costs.
Cats  over 1 year old: $125
Kittens: $150
Senior cats 7 years and older: $75
Dogs and puppies: $250-500 depending on breed
Senior Dogs: $150-$300 depending on breed

Come see us on Sundays  1-4pm

at Pet Food Express
3610 Mt Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94549
Adoptable Dogs & Puppies
Not all our dogs and puppies are shown here. Please visit us at 2905 San Pablo Dam Rd, San Pablo CA.
Missy caramel color chihuahua puppy for adoption
is a very sweet chihuahua boy. He's a young male but his exact age is unknown. He loves attention and is quite spunky, but he prefers to be an only dog. We speculate he was starved as a pup, as he is a little agressive toward other animals around food, but not to people. His little tail wags a mile a minute when he sees people. Jimmy is small but he has a big personality full of love. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. 
is a sweet female chihuahua. She was found on the street with damage to her trachea, possibly from having too-tight a collar. She is now healthy, spayed and just waiting for a new home.
She is a sweet, friendly dog who likes dogs and cats (likes to chase them...), and loves attention. We think she is under two years old. 
is about 1 year old. His picture does not do him justice, but he just won't stand still! He's a happy, bouncy, sweet boy with a soulful look, who was abandoned for no good reason in Modesto, and rescued by Jelly 's Place. He just loves people and he gets along with cats and dogs alike. He wants attention and he loves to play with toys. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. See him in person and you will see what a special boy he is. 
Momma caramel chihuahua for adoption
Momma aka Butternut
is a chihuahua who was rescued from an animal hoarding situation. There were 16 chihuahuas and nine of them were pregnant. Momma had seven healthy pups and they have been adopted.  She is shy around new people but with time and love she quickly learns that she can  trust people. She is a young female about 1 year old who's very happy and playful, but needs a little time to adjust. She's happy on the couch, next to her human, and watching the window.  She likes other dogs and cats. She's spayed and up to date on her shots. 
Is a sweet, playful 3 year old chihuahua whose owner could no longer care for him. Timmy is an energetic, bouncy, happy boy who is ready for a new home. He loves kids and gets along great with other dogs, but wants to chase cats. He's just playing, but he can get rough with cats. He's neutered and vaccinated. 
Dimples and Hennessy
 are good friends who were running out of days at the animal shelter but luckily they have  been placed with a temporary foster family by Jelly's Place. Dimples and Hennessy are seniors, around 8 years old. They were found together on the street and taken to the shelter, where no one claimed them. Most senior dogs don't do well and have little chance of being adopted at a community shelter.  They are sweet but shy chihuahuas around 8 years old. Dimples has a cute underbite, and he has an old injury  to his back leg and walks with a limp. He will sit up and stay in that position for the longest time. Hennessy is his best friend and won't leave his side. 


Happy Endings- These Lucky Pups Have Been Adopted

Phoebe, Charlie, Domingo, Sherman, Sarge, Roo, Mercedes, Murphy, Sophie, Patty, Snoopy, Lucy, Bunny, Bonnie, Beetle, Princess, Mavis, Little Girl, Baby Boy, and Sandy found their forever homes. Have a wonderful life!