Delilah the Homeless Kitten

Delilah was brought to us by a frantic homeless person who found her with a major wound to her front leg. Her bones were exposed! He was desperate, after having tried other shelters and rescues, until he found Jelly's Place. Here Delilah is already at the vet getting ready for surgery.  She had her leg amputated and then developed a serious infection and needed hospitalization for treatment.  Jelly's Place started a gofundme campaign to help pay for her initial surgery, and we didn't anticipate she would need a second hospitalization, but thanks to our supporters and a grant from the Petfinder Foundation, we could help this sweet girl. More donations are always needed for medical needs such as these.
Delilah has recovered beautifully and adapted well walking on 3 legs, climbing and curling up in her bed (her favorite position). She's sweet, affectionate, and she loves to be picked up and held. A special person has adopted her and now she has a loving home with  another 3 legged kitty. Sweet!

Momma Bulldog

This American Bulldog mix was homeless and had her pups under a bush. A fellow rescuers kept a close vigil to find where they were hiding and was able to catch her and all 6 babies so they could grow up safe and healthy at Jelly's Place. 

This mom is shy but gentle and we're slowly gaining her trust. She is learning to walk on leash and getting more confident and trusting. The puppies have all been  adopted to great homes!


This sweet poodle was brought in by a good samaritan. She was emaciated, scared, and smelling like she rolled in feces. Upon closer inspection by our friendly vet, it was discovered she had hundreds of foxtails in her mouth and was riddled with infection!
With the foxtails removed and antibiotic treatment started, she was able to eat and started feeling much better. She lost a couple of teeth but made a full recovery, and was adopted into a loving home where she is treated like a real princess.
Yay Mandy!

was hurt by his owner, who later surrendered him to the county shelter. Jelly's Place moved in and helped Jack with eye surgery and recovery. Jack is the sweetest, most loving and forgiving little kitten ever.
Jack was around 4 months old when he came to us. He was playful and very affectionate. He  got along with other cats, and he loves everyone, even though he was mistreated by someone he trusted. 
Jack fully recovered from surgery and was adopted by a wonderful family where he will never be hurt again.

Ziggy Stardust 
is a tiny opossum who
was rescued by a good samaritan when found  alone in his yard. As he should when finding a lone baby, he waited a while to see if mom would return for it, and then took her to the local animal hospital, who in turn contacted Jelly's Place to take her to the Wildlife Center. Opossums this size might fall off their momma's back, and if she doesn't notice it, will get left behind. Ziggy was taken to Marin Wildcare for proper care.
Fluffy the blind ragdoll kitten
Fluffy after surgery to remove her eyes
Fluffy meets a puppy
Fluffy was found along a railroad track by a homeless person who tried to take care of her, but she had developed a serious upper respiratory infection (URI) that had both her nose and eyes plugged shut. She was only a few weeks old, and stopped eating because she could not smell her food. After she was brought to Julie, she had to be fed through a tube right into her stomach, and she was medicated for the URI. 
Soon after she started eating on her own, but was hand-fed kitten formula with a syringe for two weeks before she developed a taste for regular kitten food. Her eyes were still very inflamed and painful to open. They were washed and medicated daily, until she was able to keep them open. However because of the severity of the URI, the infection had damaged both eyes and she lost her sight. Fluffy had surgery to remove both eyes and has since recovered. Fluffy is a very sweet and energetic kitten. She is very playful and curious, and she likes to climb, chase toys that make noise, and play with her housemates. She loves everyone!

Fluffy has been adopted and is very loved by her new family. 

Featured rescue story about Fluffy the blind kitten
Dimples and Hennessy

These  seniors are good friends who were running out of days at the animal shelter. The videos on the right were taken while they were at the shelter. but they have already been placed with a temporary foster family by Jelly's Place. Most senior dogs don't do well and have little chance of being adopted at a community shelter. Both are sweet but shy chihuahuas around 8 years old.  With help from the community, Jelly's Place can provide for future medical needs. Dimples has an old injury and walks with a limp.
Please consider fostering a senior dog and/or contributing to their needs by becoming a monthly donor.  
See our How To Help page for more info.
Annie Angus and Angel orphaned chihuahua puppies rescue story
chihuahua puppies rescue story
Angus the orphaned chihuahua puppy rescue story
Angus and Angel orphaned baby puppies
Snoopy, Lucy, and Peppermint Patty
These three cuties were orphaned at birth. Their mom was a senior dog who was mated with a dog larger than her. Her owners did not realize she had been in labor for several days, and when help finally was called, it was too late for the momma dog. She died before they were born. The vet and Julie knew that they had to be removed from her belly quickly before they too died.  Another foster dog who was done nursing her own pups, stepped in for the first day of nursing, and amazingly enough, all three thrived with round-the-clock bottle feeding.
They have been adopted and are loved by their new families.
Jelly's Place and Animal Refugee Response collaborated to pay for mom's medical bills. Please donate to help other animals in need. Visit Paypal today to make your donation. 
Porkchop puppy rescue
Hefty puppy rescue
Momma and her seven puppies rescue story
Annie puppy rescue
Apple puppy rescue
Momma and her seven pups
Momma  is a sweet but shy chihuahua who was rescued from a hoarding situation with 16 dogs in total. Nine of them were pregnant! Momma was almost due to have her pups, and she was very afraid of people. Julie showed her how to trust and enjoy attention and affection. Two weeks later she had 7 beautiful pups- 2 boys and 5 girls, all reddish/caramel color like her. She was shy around people she didn't know, but she just loves attention, and she was a very caring and attentive mom to her pups. She also "adopted" the 3 pups above who were orphaned at birth. Although she did not have milk to nurse them long, she looked after them and became very nervous if they were out of her sight! 
Momma has been adopted by one of our volunteers and is now called Ruby. She's very happy in her new home!
Puppies, puppies, and more puppies!
Missy, Porkchop, Dottie, Annie, Hefty, Hemi, and Apple have all been adopted into loving homes.
Kitten on the Roof Rescue
This young cat was stuck on the roof of a house for 6 days. Jelly's Place received a call to help out and loaded up the ladder, trap, net, and cat food to entice the little guy. We set the trap on the roof only to find that the wind closed it before the cat got in. Back to reset it, and luckily we were able to get this hungry and scared little guy off the roof. Then it was off to get neutered before he was released back to his neighborhood. Feral cats and kittens don't typically get adopted, as they hardly ever trust people, so it's best to release them to the area that they are familiar with.
Please don't get on the roof again, little one!
We received a call about a pregnant dog that was abandoned in a backyard with no food or water. Jelly's Place ran in to rescue her. We were excited about saving this sweet weiner dog and helping her puppies. Porkchop was friendly, although at times she acted like she might have been yelled at a lot in her life. She loved attention, following her foster brother Paulie around, and eating (who doesn't?). But after taking her to the vet for X-rays to determine the number of the puppies and their size, we were surprised to find none. The vet did some exploration and discovered that in fact she was not pregnant but had a massive tumor in her uterus which was wrapped around her bladder. It had progressed to the point of no return, and the painful decision was made to let her rest. We love you Porkchop and miss you very much. You were with us a short time but you will be in our hearts forever.
Val yellow lab senior dog rescue story
Val was rescued from the streets. She had several not-yet healed surgical incisions on her mammary glands, and it is thought that she was used as a drug mule. Val was a sweet-as-pie senior golden lab who loved sleeping on the couch. She got along well with other dogs and cats, and she loved being petted. Unfortunately Val developed tumors and became very weak and feeble. She was loved and cared for in her foster home until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Val. We love you and miss you. 
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